From workforce development programs that are tailored for remote, flexible jobs to innovative solutions and strategic, data-informed plans for improving internet access in your area—Connected Nation can help you customize a more effective, all-encompassing approach to expanding broadband (high-speed internet) access, adoption, and use for your community or state no matter how urban or rural.

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42 million Americans
43% of low-income residents
9.45% of rural residents
13.23% of tribal residents have no power
16.9 million school aged children
In addition, 1/3 of American workers lack digital skills

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The future of the internet will require network interconnection, cloud on-ramps, and content to be located closer to end-users.

IXPs improve regional internet performance by reducing latency and keeping internet traffic local that needs to stay local, while making cloud services and content faster and more reliable.

IXPs also lower costs for everyone by creating a marketplace that fosters competition among middle-mile and wholesale (IP transit) providers. States that do not have an IXP strategy are simply falling behind.

Federal funding is available to bring an IXP to your state or community. Contact us now to learn more!

Navigating Current Funding

Navigating the current and upcoming broadband-funded related landscape including developing data-informed plans that help your state or community receive their full funding allotment.
Funding Opportunities
The nation is seeing an unprecedented level of state and federal investment for broadband infrastructure and related technologies. State leaders are being tasked with overseeing most of this funding.
Leveraging the IIJA
With The Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act (IIJA), Congress has entrusted the states with the leading role in closing the Digital Divide.
The Affordable
Connectivity Program
The Affordable Connectivity Program is a long-term, $14 billion program created by Congress. It replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program to help low-income individuals and families.

GeoAnalytics and Engineering

Creating accurate broadband maps is one of the first steps to promoting access, adoption, and use of broadband across the state. Better data translates into bigger dollars for your broadband needs.

Leverage our broadband data collection, mapping, engineering, analyses, field validation, and visualization expertise to more accurately and precisely plan broadband expansion in your jurisdiction.

The images represent: wireless propagation models (left), broadband access by maximum speed (bottom), outside plant audits (right & top)

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Workforce Development

Workforce development focused on in-demand, remote, and flexible positions.

Digital Works partners with 70+ companies to provide upskilling or digital competency training that’s in-demand NOW. The program is grant or community funded and provides job placement assistance for remote work at no cost to participants.

The Digital Works team can custom build a project that’s focused on your state or community’s unique needs—from military spousal employment to revving the local or regional economic engine.

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Technology Planning

Community, region, or state-specific technology planning

Connected empowers local, collaborative, data-driven technology planning to inform intelligent digital development by working with a local broadband team. Connected Nation’s staff identify areas of importance, collect data, and develop a Technology Action Plan that addresses each state, region, or community’s unique needs.
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Engaged 650+ communities with technology assessment & planning
Provided 60,000+ school kids laptops and/or digital skills training
Mapped broadband availability across more than 40% of U.S. landmass
Facilitated 12+ state-level task force groups focused on broadband expansion
Drove 250,000+ miles to verify reported broadband coverage
Worked with 1,500+ unique
broadband providers

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