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The future of the internet will require network interconnection, cloud on-ramps, and content to be located closer to end-users.

IXPs improve regional internet performance by reducing latency and keeping internet traffic local that needs to stay local, while making cloud services and content faster and more reliable.

IXPs also lower costs for everyone by creating a marketplace that fosters competition among middle-mile and wholesale (IP transit) providers. States that do not have an IXP strategy are simply falling behind.

Federal funding is now available to bring an IXP to your state or community. Contact us to learn more!

The full list of CNIXPs 125 target communities can be found here.

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IXPs make the internet operate more efficiently and reliably.

Unfortunately, IXPs can be found in less than 60 areas across the U.S. Connected Nation believes that the construction of new IXPs will be an essential step towards closing the Digital Divide.

By placing carrier-neutral IXP’s in additional – and critical – locations across the US we can expand access to include millions more Americans. Furthermore, adding an IXP to a rural or underserved area decreases costs for local, smaller internet providers—which is passed along to area businesses, community organizations, and residents.

Click here to read the CN-IXP Interconnection Policy & Fairness Statement

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