Connected Nation’s work is backed by more than two decades of in-the-field broadband and technology experience. Our suite of services touches everything the internet Impacts—and through our work we seek to create sustainable plans for what’s next while supporting individuals, families, and communities.

Let us help you improve your local school district’s classroom connectivity, grow your workforce development plans to tackle the fast-growing need for more remote workers, or simply provide an easy-to-understand look at your broadband infrastructure.

We understand that improving broadband expansion, creating affordable access, and helping others in your community learn how to use the tool can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Let us help you.
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Our suite of services includes



New in 2022, Connected Nation can help you established carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in your state or commumity.

IXPs improve regional internet performance by reducing latency and keeping internet traffic local that needs to stay local, while making cloud services and content faster and more reliable.

IXPs also lower costs for everyone by creating a marketplace that fosters competition among middle-mile and wholesale (IP transit) providers. States that do not have an IXP strategy are simply falling behind. Send us a message at or view our IXP page below!
Community Technology Planning
The Connected Community Engagement Program empowers local, collaborative, data-driven technology planning to inform intelligent digital development by working with a local broadband team. This work informs a Technology Action Plan that addresses your state or community's unique needs.
Improving School Connectivity for Less
Connect K-12 is a FREE service for school and state leaders that provides critical data in seconds to help navigate the E-rate funding cycle and improve classroom connectivity. The tool was built to provide transparency around the bandwidth school districts buy so leaders can more easily negotiate better pricing.
Digital Inclusion Planning
Not only do we have veteran in this space, but we have two team members working directly on FCC committees to raise awareness of the need for helping vulnerable populations including minorities, tribal populations, and rural communities.


From managing a program that provided hotspots to more than 50,000 students in need to providing a statewide technology inventory for schools, Connected Nation can help your students, teachers, and administrations improve connectivity.
Career Readiness and Job Placement
Digital Works is workforce development program that provides remote work training and job placement assistance at no cost to participants. The Digital Works team can custom build a project that’s focused on your state or community’s unique needs—from military spousal employment to revving the local or regional economic engine.
Self-paced Training Resource
Whether it’s learning how to use a computer for the first time, a new job skill, how to use a new application, or gain a new life skill, Connected Nation's Drive platform is your online, one-stop learning hub.
GeoAnalytics and Engineering
Better data means analytics-informed decisions for your jurisdiction, translating into targeted funding for your broadband needs.

Leverage our broadband data collection, mapping, engineering, analyses, field validation, and visualization expertise to more accurately and precisely plan broadband expansion in your jurisdiction.

Telehealth research and resources

Connected Nation was already working to provide this before the pandemic. Now, it’s become an integral part of our society moving forward.
Our Work to Close
the Digital Divide
Connected Nation believes that everyone should have opportunities to use technology to improve their lives, families, and communities regardless of who they are, where they live, or how they begin. For more than 20 years of work to close the Digital Divide.




On November 17, Connected Nation marked 20 years of service in 2021 by hosting a one-of-a-kind, live event that aired nationally from three US cities.

During this event, we brought together industry insiders, broadband experts, and those most directly impacted by the Digital Divide to discuss where we’ve been and what we’ve learned, how the pandemic changed the way we view and approach internet connectivity, and what’s next when it comes to access in America.

Watch this historic event below and feel free to share it with others as we work to spread understanding of the Digital Divide in our country.

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Engaged 650+ communities with technology assessment & planning
Provided 60,000+ school kids laptops and/or digital skills training
Mapped broadband availability across more than 40% of U.S. landmass
Facilitated 12+ state-level task force groups focused on broadband expansion
Drove 250,000+ miles to verify reported broadband coverage
Worked with 1,500+ unique
broadband providers