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AT&T K-12 Homework Gap Program: Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT NOTICE/DISCLAIMER: Connected Nation, Inc. (CN) has been selected as an independent third-party non-profit organization to assist AT&T in fulfilling its K-12 homework gap program commitment and will make the sole and final determination as to which schools or non-profit organizations, if any, receive an award under the program. The submission of an application is part of a competitive process that in no way guarantees the award of any contribution to the applicant. CN is not an agent of AT&T, and this program is entirely independent of any past, current, or future E-rate procurement process. An award agreement must be fully executed before any award under this program is final.

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According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, nearly 17 million public K-12 students have fallen into the “homework gap” due to COVID-19 school closures. In addition, Bellwether Education Partners estimates that approximately 3 million at-risk students may not have experienced any formal education—virtual or in-person—since March 2020.

These schools and nonprofits are receiving devices and services to help finally close that homework gap for some of our nation’s most at-risk kids. Use the map below to find links to each of the groups benefitting from this program. Click here for the full list of awardees.